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We are a world class provider of unique, high quality custom fixtures and furnishings.


We have a team of skilled artisans, designers, engineers, and project managers who bring so much more to the table. Whether you are looking to renovate an existing store, build a single-store prototype, or planning a larger scale multi-store rollout, Icon Design and Fixtures can provide comprehensive service and build a relationship with you. Your vision and brand are our focus.

Things can always be better; therefore, creativity is a must. Generate new unique ideas driven by emerging trends. Introduce inventive solutions - products and processes - that amaze our customers and each other. 


Work together to achieve a collective goal. This requires openness and mutual respect. Success in the joint effort will occur with effective, ongoing communication which includes listening to your collaborative partner(s).  



This is the core of our business. 100% certainty every detail is addressed. No surprises. Utilize knowledge of past experiences and proven best practices ensuring quality of product, processes, and performance.  


Each project is different and requires its own unique approach for implementation. Evaluate and develop path for the most effective, efficient, successful completion, but also prepare for flexibility and adaptation while adhering to critical timetables and project objectives. 

The letters of our name lead

into our core business principles. We apply these to all areas of our business, on every customer program. 


Committing to these four principles enables us to manage the most complex programs and deliver unique solutions on time and according to your expectations.

To top it all off, when you package these with our ongoing dedication to customer service, we believe the Icon experience is like none other in the industry.  






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